Lawful Permanent Employment-Based and Pleasure Temporary Visa Types

If you are not looking for a permanent residency, and consider a temporary visit for business or other goals, you would need to apply for a Temporary Work Visa or Temporary Visa for Pleasure, Tourism, Medical Treatment.

B1/B2 Visas (temporary business or pleasure visitor)

Generally, to enter the US territory citizens of most other countries of the world first have to obtain a visa.

Both consular and border officers, as well as the immigration service, assume that every visitor of the United States is actually not only willing to visit the country, but also remain there permanently, which for the above-mentioned entities is an undesirable situation. As a consequence, if you are willing to obtain a temporary business or pleasure visitor visa, you would have to prove that:

  • Your stay in the United States is for a specific limited period only;
  • You have a residence as well as other binding ties in your home country that will assure your return there at the end of the visit;
  • You are visiting the US for pleasure, medical treatment or business purpose(s) only.

Contact your immigration attorney to learn the best ways to obtain and provide the necessary proofs to avoid any trouble when applying for B1 or B2 visas.

E Visas (Investor Visa)

The E Visas are a separate type of nonimmigrant visa which are predestined to assure business owners, managers or employees with the possibility to spend extended periods of time in the US in order to supervise or work for a business involved in trading between a foreign country and the United States which is also a significant investment in the US.

There are two types of E-Visas, being classified into E-1 – Treaty Traders, and E-2 – Treaty Investors.


The E-1 visa is aimed to authorize foreign nationals who are visiting the United States exclusively to conduct substantial trade operations between the country they are representing and the US, in case between the two countries a treaty of commerce is signed.


The E-2 Treaty Investors classification regards foreign nationals who need to spend time in the US to manage and develop the operations of a business in which these particular persons have invested capital or are implicated in the process of investing a significant amount of capital, in case the United States has a commercial treaty with the one represented by the foreign nationals.

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