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During your legal strategy session, tailored to address your most compelling legal issues, we will review key documents, and discuss them along with other facts of your individual case. In addition, we will offer you Preliminary Case Analysis, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your case as they appear, based on the information available at the time, pros and cons, and based on all of the obtained information we will be able to assess the chances of the success along with the risks involved and needed timelines.
Please note, the strategy session is not something that would help you in conducting the case without an attorney or if you are seeking improvement of your application. The session provides you with the opportunity to meet the lawyer who will assist you with your situation should you retain our services.

Please be advised, that all consultations are over the phone. The fees for the consultation are non-refundable fee and by scheduling a consultation you understand and agree that this payment is NON-refundable. Before or after making the payment for a consultation, please contact us at 410-978-7007 or 410-507-0201 to confirm with us that the time and date is available. Unfortunately, the calendar, does not update all the time automatically. Thank you for your understanding.


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